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Kelly Bethe


   Windermere Metro Denver Real Estate

   4155 E Jewell Ave, Suite 400B

   Denver, CO  80222

   Office: 720-643-4411

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How I Help

I would be happy to talk with you about your real estate needs to help you determine what assistance you need and how I can help.  In some cases, I may recommend a referral to another real estate professional – getting the job done for you is my priority, even if I’m not the person doing it!

Local Moves

Are you just looking to move to a different part of town?

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Have your kids “flown the coop” and you’re ready to find a smaller home?  Or maybe you're just tired of the yard work?

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Have you outgrown your current home and need to find something with a bit more room?  Are you adding a new member to your household – maybe a new baby or a parent moving in? 

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Would you like to add an investment property to your portfolio?  Thinking about buying a 2nd property for rental income or family use?   

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Leaving the Area

Have you decided to leave the area and move to another city or out of state?  Or even to another country?

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Moving to Town

Are you planning a move to Lakewood or another part of the Denver metro area?  Or anywhere in Colorado?

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Are you the executor or personal representative of an estate? Have you recently inherited real estate?

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About Me

I love real estate and would love to talk about it all day long with you.  But, I do try to do some other things now and then!   I like to get some cycling in whenever I can.  I'm a terrible guitar player, but really enjoy trying to improve.  I also like to travel and am always on the lookout for a new destination – feel free to drop me a note with a suggestion or a picture from your last adventure! 

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Downsizing with a Smile: A Realtor’s Guide for the 50+ Crowd

Hi all!  If you’ve hit the big 5-0 and are eyeing that spacious family home with a mix of nostalgia and “maybe it’s time for something different,” you’re in good company. I’m in that stage myself.  Here are some of my thoughts on why downsizing can be your ticket to a new chapter in life, […]
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South Metro Denver Realtor Association market statistics graphic.

June 2023 South Metro Denver Real Estate Stats

Here’s a short post showing real estate stats from last month in the Denver south metro area.  This info comes to us from the South Metro Denver Realtor’s Association. Just like May’s report, our market is still not as active as it was a year ago.  Listings are down over 26% and sales are down […]
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A view of a large green lawn with mowing strips and trees.

Real Estate Basics: Pros and Cons of 1+ Acre Properties

Are you considering purchasing a large property with an acreage of 1 or more? Owning an expansive piece of land certainly has its allure, but it’s crucial to understand both the benefits and drawbacks before taking the plunge. In this blog post, I will outline some of the pros and cons of owning large properties […]
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A Little About: Morrison, CO

I am excited today to write a bit about the picturesque town of Morrison, CO. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Morrison offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a vibrant community. In this blog post, I will uncover the enchantment of Morrison and why it has become a sought-after […]
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Have you Talked to a Lender?

“Have you talked to a lender?”  This is a common question buyers hear from real estate agents during their early meetings.  In fact, some real estate agents won’t even show a home to a buyer that doesn’t have at least a loan pre-approval.  So, should you talk to a lender before you talk to a […]
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South Metro Denver Realtor Association Infographic.

May 2023 South Metro Denver Real Estate Stats

Just a quick post showing some real estate statistics from last month in the Denver south metro area.  This info comes to us from the South Metro Denver Realtor’s Association. As you can see, our market is not as active as it was a year ago.  Listings and sales are both down about 25% from […]
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