Economy May 6, 2023

Q1 Windermere Gardner Report for Colorado

The Q1 Colorado Real Estate Market Update from Windermere’s very own economist, Matthew Garner, was recently published.  Here’s the overview from the report, but be sure to read the rest at

The pace of employment growth in Colorado continues to slow. Though this is not totally unexpected, I will be keeping an eye on it as annual job growth has now fallen below the long-term trend. Over the past year, the region added 46,700 jobs, which is the slowest annual pace since 2012. Part of the reason job growth has slowed so significantly is that the labor market remains extremely tight; the unemployment rate in February was only 2.9%. Regionally, jobless rates ranged from a low of 2.7% in Fort Collins and Boulder to a high of 3.4% in the Grand Junction metropolitan area.  [Read More]


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